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The League comments on EPA rulemaking to list PFAS chemicals on TRI

Feb. 03, 2020: The question is not should EPA add the family of PFAS chemicals and their short-chain replacements such as GenX to the Right-to-Know TRI reports. That's a definite YES! The question is why has EPA taken so long to address these chemicals? Unfortunately, a lot of contamination to our drinking water sources and impacts to the public's health have already occurred.

The EPA must expand its TRI list to include the hundreds (thousands) of PFAS related chemicals.
EPA must individually list these chemicals in the TRI so that citizens know exactly what is being dispersed into their communities.
Because of the longevity of these chemicals in the environment and human body, thresholds must be set extremely low
EPA must do its job as outlined in its mission: to protect human and environmental health. EPA must do its duty and regulate these chemicals.

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