Pittsylvania County Preservation League Pittsylvania CountyVirginia

Pittsylvania County Preservation League was formed for the purpose of stopping the Southgate extension to the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).  The extension is planned to connect to the southern terminus of the MVP at Transco Village in Chatham, VA, then run parallel to the existing Transco pipeline for 26 miles in Pittsylvania County.

The Southgate’s path through an area dense with freshwater streams and rivers raises concern over impairment to those water bodies, including sedimentation, warming of streams through suppression of tree cover on streambanks for the duration of the commercial life of the pipeline, dynamic runoff from tree-free areas during rain events along the entire length of the pipeline, and the planned use of herbicides to control invasive plant species along the pipeline. Additionally, the sediment flowing downstream from the Southgate waterbody crossings will further damage the Dan River, which was already critically impaired following a coal ash spill in 2014.


Ann Rogers