Coalition for a Clean Dan River Region Pittsylvania CountyVirginia

The Coalition for a Clean Dan River Region was formed in 2020 by a group of concerned citizens living near the First Piedmont Landfill in Ringold, VA.  The landfill was first permitted to accept “sanitary” waste in the early 1970’s.  Soon thereafter, the owners of the landfill attempted to secure a permit to accept hazard waste.  At that time the citizens banded together to form the Dan River District Action Committee.  After a lengthy fight, the landfill ultimately backed down and the group dissolved.

In the early 2000’s, the same landfill began to inch closer to nearby property lines.  Residents around the perimeter began to notice foul odors, and trash began to be blown into their yards.  As the landfill grows, the residents have air quality concerns, and also concerns about the diminishing quality of life in their once quiet community.

“We are here to stand up, make our voices heard, and secure a safe neighborhood for our children!”

 – Julie Owens, CCDRR Director




Julie Owens

Mark Barker