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Group Against Sheaffer's Pollution
Union County, NC

Group Against Sheaffer’s Pollution has waged a multi-faceted campaign against the Town of Marshville’s and Sheaffer International’s plan to construct and operate an experimental waste treatment facility. Serving Marshville and a Pilgrim’s Pride intensive poultry operation, the facility would rely on the spraying of human and poultry waste on farmland. GASP’s campaign has included legal action to challenge the faulty permit and deceptive buffer agreements, creative radio and newspaper ads, turnout to town meetings and hearings, public records requests under the North Carolina statute, researching and spotlighting the company’s abysmal track record in Virginia, and rallies and parades. The centerpiece of one parade was a float showcasing an outhouse representing Sheaffer’s “new technology.” The chapter has used signs effectively: one read “Gasp now so you can breathe later.”

Contact information:
Tommy Mangum - (704) 289-6026
Andy Williams - (704) 624-6540

For next meeting time and place call: (704) 289-0336

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posted online November 16, 2002