Under the BREDL banner, thousands of concerned citizens have made their mark for environmental justice. Our chapters have raised public awareness and have won many battles against environmentally damaging projects and proposals throughout the southeast.

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Pamplico Defense League

Florence County
South Carolina

The Pamplico Defense League was formed to fight a pipeline known as the River Neck to Kingsburg and also known as the Pamplico Pipeline. The proposed pipeline not only crosses…


Piney Grove League for Change

Forsyth County
North Carolina

The Piney Grove League for Change is currently working on air quality and environmental justice issues relating to a fire that occurred at the Weaver Fertilizer Company in Winston-Salem on…


Pittsylvania County Preservation League

Pittsylvania County

Pittsylvania County Preservation League was formed for the purpose of stopping the Southgate extension to the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).  The extension is planned to connect to the southern terminus…


Preserve Bent Mountain/Roanoke

Roanoke County

We a citizen advocacy group (based in Roanoke, Virginia) formed in opposition to the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP). We maintain that the placement of this pipeline will adversely affect the quality of life in all areas it transects.


Preserve Franklin

Franklin County

Our name and mission to be in synch with others which lie along the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline route.


Protect Caswell

Caswell County
North Carolina

Dedicated to concerns regarding quarry and asphalt/concrete plant in Caswell County, NC.


Snow Camp Environmental Defense League (SCEDL)

Alamance County
North Carolina

Founded in the late 1700’s by Pennsylvania Quakers, Snow Camp, NC is a rural, agricultural community in Alamance County with a rich history associated with opposition to slavery and home…


Sustainable Madison

Madison County
North Carolina

Sustainable Madison is a non-profit composed of Madison County residents and property owners who believe in the practice of Earth stewardship by our members, our government and the public.


Unicoi Clear

Unicoi County

Summers-Taylor Materials Company, a large, well-connected, 80-year-old company in Northeast Tennessee, owns four parcels of land (50.01, .02, .03, and .04 at left) totaling 15 acres on Buffalo Mountain in…


Virginians For Appropriate Roads (VAR)


Virginians for Appropriate Roads is a grassroots organization working to protect the integrity of our farmlands, forests and rural communities by supporting fiscally conservative and environmentally sound transportation policies.