Transportation and Land Use  

BREDL Comments on VDOT Martinsville Southern Connector Study

Aug. 23, 2019: The Reconstruct/Fix U.S. 220 option was dismissed and not continued to the alternative phase, resulting in a situation where only fully access-controlled freeways on new alignment are being considered. According to the August 2019 VDOT video presentation, the level of access control will be evaluated and could change once the preferred alternative advances to the final design stage.

The exclusive focus on fully access-controlled freeways on new alignment at this stage of the study prejudices other alternatives, including that of fixing the existing U.S. 220 alignment using techniques being studied through VDOT's Arterial Preservation Program (APP).

We strongly urge that the DEIS fully examine the cumulative impacts of proposed projects that are still on the books (I-73) along with the Martinsville Southern Connector (MSC). Any incorporation of MSC into the I-73 project needs to be considered and studied now, not years later.

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