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Request to Participate in Survey

Hello, my name is Therese Vick and I am a Human Services graduate from Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am also the Healthy, Sustainable Communities Coordinator for Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL). I am conducting a survey to find out if environmental or potential issues in the community affect people’s mood and sense of well being. The results of this survey may be used to inform communities and policy makers about the effects, if any, of environmental issues on community well-being.

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Victory through Sustainability Project

BREDL launched its victory through sustainability project to work with groups who have won campaigns against pollution and are now able to create sustainable economic development projects. These programs are aimed at long-term protection of poor and rural communities. We envision many new projects based on clean energy, zero waste and safe food.

Why do I need to be concerned with sustainable economic development?

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Environmental Groups Reject Dominion Power and
Enviva Green Biomass Energy Claims

Oct. 27, 2011: Today, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Dogwood Alliance, and Heartwood challenged Dominion Virginia Power’s claims that their plan to convert two coal fired plants is “clean” and “renewable.” The groups, with members in Virginia and across the Southeast describe Dominion’s environmental claims made last week in announcing a partnership with wood pellet manufacturer Enviva as misleading.

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League Calls For Alamance County to Embrace Sustainable Development

May 12, 2011: Today at a press conference in Elon, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League released its report The Importance of Sustainable Development in Troubled Economic Times. The new report provides a blueprint for community planning. The League also presented a list of recommendations for economic development which protect the health and quality of life of present and future residents and the natural and cultural resources of Alamance County.

BREDL Press Release | Report: The Importance of Sustainable Development in Troubled Economic Times | Recommendations for Alamance County

Economic Development with Clean Energy Programs

Dec. 31, 2010: Healthy economic growth and clean energy development in small cities and rural areas need not be centered on high-tech enterprises or new facilities. Rather, they can employ locally available resources such as private contractors and trained volunteers to reduce energy consumption in existing housing units and commercial spaces or to install solar and wind powered energy units.

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