Safeguard America's Resources  

Safeguard America’s Resources:
Land, Air, Water and Energy

This multi-state campaign extends across the BREDL region. We understand that natural gas issues are interconnected: fracking, waste management, pipelines, landowner rights, exports, compressor stations, power plants, and air and water pollution. We must act for the safety and health of our communities, the preservation of this land the protection of the planet. Join us.

The League Comments On MVP-Southgate DEIS

Sept. 16, 2019: Excerpts from our comments:

FERC must immediately stop work on the MVP-mainline project, halt the Southgate DEIS process, and return to square one. FERC must consider and evaluate these two projects - dependent on each other – in one environmental document.

There are too many instances of incomplete data or lack of information mentioned throughout the DEIS. This DEIS should not have been released for public comment until the information was completed.

BREDL requests that the edge of the Southgate pipeline's Additional Temporary Work Space be moved a minimum of 500 feet west of its current location, in order to buffer Little Cherrystone and its cemetery and mound from ground disturbances and visual impairment.

The assessment offered by the DEIS fails to consider dozens of uranium mining leases.

Judge Halts Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s Land-Grab Attempt Stay on Eminent Domain Requested by Impacted Landowners Granted

Raleigh- In a July 24th ruling, US District Judge Terrence Boyle extended a stay on Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s (ACP) request to use “quick-take” proceedings in order to gain access to properties along the route of the pipeline. “Quick take” allows the company to gain access to land even though adjudication of compensation has not occurred.

BREDL Press Release | Court Order

The League comments to FERC regarding Return on Equity

June 26, 2019: FERC’s mission is to assist consumers to obtain economical, safe, reliable, and secure energy services at a reasonable cost. But artificially high incentives in pipeline development are causing excessive pipeline construction and needless community devastation.

BREDL Full Comments

BREDL comments to FERC on the Draft National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the Coles-Terry Rural Historic District impacted by Mountain Valley Pipeline

May 31, 2019: BREDL comments that there is a failure to designate all applicable national register criteria. The Draft National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the Coles-Terry Rural Historic District (“Nomination”) designates that the CTRHD is qualified for National Register listing under Criterion A as a property “associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history”. On page 14, the Nomination designates “agriculture” as the area of significance in which the District is eligible under Criterion A. There are no other National Register criteria listed besides Criterion A, and no other areas of significance listed besides “Agriculture”. The Nomination's treatment of the National Register criteria applicable to the CTRHD should also include Criteria C and D.

BREDL also points out problems with the Nomination's definition of district boundaries. The first problem with the Nomination's treatment of boundaries for the CTRHD stems from the unsubstantiated decision to expand the eastern boundary of the district to include a significant number of suburban homes built within the last 50 years. The district's boundaries as they appear in the Preliminary Information Form are the product of weeks of painstaking on-the-ground surveys performed in an effort to exclude non- contributing suburban homes that have been built in many parts of the Bent Mountain community over the past 50 years.

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Drone Video and Photos from ACP construction in November in North Carolina shows destruction

View Photos from November 27, 2018 in Cumberland County, NC.