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The League comments on MVP-Southgate DEIS

Sept. 16, 2019: Excerpts from our comments:

FERC must immediately stop work on the MVP-mainline project, halt the Southgate DEIS process, and return to square one. FERC must consider and evaluate these two projects - dependent on each other - in one environmental document.

There are too many instances of incomplete data or lack of information mentioned throughout the DEIS. This DEIS should not have been released for public comment until the information was completed.

BREDL requests that the edge of the Southgate pipeline's Additional Temporary Work Space be moved a minimum of 500 feet west of its current location, in order to buffer Little Cherrystone and its cemetery and mound from ground disturbances and visual impairment.

The assessment offered by the DEIS fails to consider dozens of uranium mining leases.

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