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BREDL comments on proposed Interim Storage Partners dumpsite for high level radioactive waste in Andrews Co., TX

Oct. 19, 2018: We oppose the proposed Interim Storage Partners dumpsite for high level radioactive waste in Andrews County, Texas. There have been many attempts to establish centralized interim storage: the Monitored Retrievable Storage program in east Tennessee, the industry’s privatized storage program targeting Native Americans, the Mescalero Apache Nation in New Mexico and the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation in Utah.

We have continued to oppose such radioactive waste dumps wherever they are proposed, including Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Likewise, we oppose so-called consolidated interim storage schemes—including the Holtec International/Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance site in New Mexico and the Waste Control Specialists site in Andrews County, Texas—because nuclear waste shipments to those sites would unnecessarily place millions of people at risk from accident, sabotage, and routine exposure.

BREDL Comments

BREDL submits comments to Georgia EPD regarding Plant Vogtle Title V Permit Renewal as BREDL's Title V Petition to U.S. EPA from August 2010 is still not resolved

Aug. 9, 2018: The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and its chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff have filed detailed comments opposing the state’s air pollution permit for Plant Vogtle. In the comments, the groups oppose the excessive levels of hazardous air pollution emitted from the cooling towers and other sources in a community already stressed by power plant impacts. They called upon the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to reject the permit.

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The League comments on the Clinch River Nuclear
Early Site Permit DEIS

June 5, 2018: Tennessee Valley Authority failed to justify need for a so-called small modular nuclear plant at Clinch River. Without a thoroughgoing assessment of need, the no-action alternative analysis is reduced to pablum. Failure to correct this omission and subsequent approval of the permit by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would present a needless—even thoughtless—risk to the public.

BREDL Comments

Duke Energy files Request to Cancel
W.S. Lee Nuclear Project

On December 13, 2007 Duke Energy applied to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to build and operate two nuclear plants on the Broad River near Gaffney, South Carolina. The application is for two Westinghouse AP1000 Pressurized Water Reactors designated William States Lee III Nuclear Station Units 1 & 2. On June 27, 2008, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, on behalf of its members in South Carolina, filed a legal petition to intervene opposing the power plant before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board. On August 11, 2011, the League filed additional arguments subsequent to the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. On December 19, 2016, Duke Energy was granted a Combined License from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to construct and operate two AP1OOO units.

UPDATE: On August 25, 2017, Duke Energy, citing Westinghouse's recent bankruptcy, filed a request to cancel the W.S. Lee Nuclear Project. In its filing, Duke Energy stated, "It is unlikely the Company will be able to construct and commence operation of the Project before the end of the next decade. These recent events support the conclusion that the Project, as originally contemplated, should be cancelled in the best interest of customers."

Duke Energy Filing

“Plant Vogtle: A Nuclear Disaster Waiting to Happen”

Aug. 15, 2017: On Wednesday and Thursday, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League will hold a series of public forums in Atlanta and Augusta detailing the unsafe conditions at the nuclear power plants now under construction at Plant Vogtle. The meetings will feature Arnold Gundersen, a certified nuclear power plant engineer and a long-time critic of the Westinghouse AP1000 reactors.

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The League comments on Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors and Other New Technologies

June 27, 2017: “First-of-a-kind” means that such a nuclear power device has never been built before; it is an experimental design, untested. This alone should close the deregulatory discussion of having emergency planning zones which do not extend outside the plant fence line.

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BREDL sends Hearing Request and Petition to Intervene to NRC regarding TVA Clinch River Early Site Permitting

June 13, 2017: Reduce global warming? Improve energy security? Neither of these goals is advanced by the siting of modular nukes at the Clinch River Nuclear Site.

BREDL Petition

BREDL & Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff Present
Safe, Clean Power Proposal to Burke County, GA

June 2, 2017: Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff advise Burke County Development Authority to request an update on the Toshiba-Westinghouse bankruptcy and its potential impacts on the partially constructed Vogtle nuclear power plants. We also to request that no additional cost increases will be passed along to Burke County ratepayers for this failed nuclear endeavor.

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The League submits scoping comments on the EIS for the
proposed early site permit at Clinch River.

May 15, 2017: Tennessee Valley Authority seeks to justify its plans for Clinch River on better energy security and reduced global warming. But its plan for small modular nuclear power plants satisfies neither of these goals; in fact, it takes the nation in the opposite direction.

BREDL Comments to NRC

The League comments on DOE's Request for Information on Private Initiatives for Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities

Jan. 27, 2017: The Department of Energy request contemplates pilot-scale and large-scale facilities. The DOE pointedly refers to potential host and nearby communities, private operators and existing nuclear waste facility operators responding to this Request for Information. The Department’s integrated waste management systems include both pilot interim storage facilities and much larger consolidated interim storage facilities.

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