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EPA Should Hold Industry Financially Accountable
for its Toxic Messes

Nov. 15, 2016: It's well past time for EPA to fulfill its mandate under Superfund to ensure that industries handling hazardous substances have the resources to conduct timely and comprehensive cleanups. We teach our children to clean up their own messes—it’s time industry did the same.

BREDL Letter to EPA

BREDL Comments on Proposed Amendments to Georgia’s Rules for Solid Waste Management Chapter 391-3-4

Aug. 10, 2016: The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has proposed adopting the US EPA’s rules, including their requirements for liner systems. However, this design is not likely to protect groundwater from contamination. The efficacy of using composite liner systems for containment of coal ash has not been demonstrated.

BREDL Comments

Person County PRIDE Calls for Megadump Closure
New Report Details Cost Saving Alternative

June 29, 2016: In a report released today, “Wasted: A Call for Person County to End its Relationship with Republic Services,” Person County PRIDE launched a new campaign calling for an end to decades of solid waste imports into Person County.

PC PRIDE Press Release | Report

Exploration and Production Waste

Aug. 22, 2013: Recently proposed and enacted changes to North Carolina’s environmental policy, as well as solid waste and other environmental laws, increase our vulnerability to mega-dumps and other commercial waste disposal facilities. North Carolina could also be targeted for hydraulic fracturing, or E&P wastes.

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Senate Puts a Bull’s-eye on North Carolina

July 4, 2013: S328, also known as the “Megadump Bill”, started its journey through the General Assembly in March 2013 as a one-page document proposing to amend current law from requiring leak-proof garbage trucks to recommending them. Its current version, dozens of pages long appeared in early June and has passed the Senate. It moves to the House next week. What this bill will do.

The Harnett County Connection: Dumping on a County’s Future
An Investigation by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

Sept. 2011: Sandhills Environmental LLC has proposed  locating a 370 acre landfill near the Johnsonville area of Harnett County, North Carolina. The landfill site is a sand mine owned and operated by G&S Materials, which is slated for  closure and reclamation. First alerted  to the landfill proposal in early August 2011 by an anonymous flyer, nearby residents have organized in opposition to the plan.

Local government activities have put the siting  process into high gear with little opportunity for public participation. The decision on granting Sandhills Environmental a franchise could come in early October 2011- only two months from the community’s first awareness of the plan. It is inherent on public officials to recognize potential conflicts and to act with integrity. Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League feels that there is ample evidence for a formal investigation of this matter.

Download the report: The Harnett County Connection

BREDL comments on EPA Proposed Rule regarding definition of solid waste

Aug. 3, 2010: BREDL Comments on EPA definition of solid waste.

BREDL comments to SC Department of Health and Environmental Control on
MRR Sandhills, LLC Landfill Determination of Need and Consistency

June 21, 2010: The site for this landfill near the North Carolina-South Carolina border with the primary access located in North Carolina has raised concerns across state lines. Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League chapters in Marlboro, Richmond and Scotland Counties have repeatedly voiced their objections to this project.

We support the Department’s conclusion that MRR has failed to meet the first phase of the permitting process because the landfill is not consistent with Marlboro County’s zoning ordinace. However, we do not agree that MRR has met either the Determination of Need requirement or that the landfill is consistent with Marlboro County’s Solid Waste Management Plan.

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SCDHEC webpage about MMR Sandhills, LLC Marlboro County Landfill

Scotland County Rejects Landfill Expansion

June 7, 2010: Scotland County of Tomorrow, a BREDL chapter, wins victory in Scotland County. The Scotland County Board of Commissioners has voted to end a controversial landfill expansion project.

Read The Fayetteville Observer June 7 article - Scotland board puts end to landfill project