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BREDL and our chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff file Petition regarding Plant Vogtle Plant 3 License Amendment and Exemption

May. 12, 2020: The Company's License Amendment Request does not comply with the current licensing basis, the applicable statutes and regulations, or the process for modifying the current licensing basis for Vogtle Unit 3 as set forth in 10 CFR 52.98(f). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission cannot approve this license amendment request. Our principal interests are the health and safety of our members living near the plant and the general public.

Residents Request Comprehensive Review of Three Asphalt Permits
Fear Fatal Flaw in the Future of Caswell County

May 04, 2020: Today, residents of Caswell County made a formal request to the Board of Commissioners for a comprehensive review of existing and proposed paving industry permits in the Prospect Hill and Anderson communities. The request echoed one made Thursday to the Division of Air Quality by the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.

Landowners Fight Pipeline Invasion During Pandemic
Request Filed to Adopt Resolution Opposing Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Apr. 07, 2020: Landowners on the route of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline are fighting to prevent the company's financial appraisers from entering their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter to Nash County delivered Friday, residents formally requested that the Board of Commissioners reject the pipeline, citing reductions in safety measures and harassment of landowners.

Groups Join County in NC Supreme Court Challenge of Asphalt Plant

Jan. 07, 2020: The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and Protect Our Fresh Air have joined Ashe County's legal challenge of an asphalt plant permit in Glendale Springs. On January 2, 2020, the citizen groups filed a friend-of-the-court brief, known as an amicus curiae, in the Supreme Court of North Carolina. The groups' legal arguments will be considered by the high court alongside the appeal filed by the Ashe County Board of Commissioners, which also calls for denial of the county polluting industries permit.


Press Releases: 1999 - 2019


BREDL Comments on Draft EIS for Plutonium Pit Production at Savannah River Site

May 18, 2020: Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act - Section 102 42 U.S.C. 4332 DOE/NNSA must take a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to environmental impact on the human environment. The draft EIS posits two alternatives: 1) Proposed Action to repurpose the mixed oxide fuel fabrication facility into the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility to produce a minimum of 50 pits per year; and 2) No Action Alternative. Alternative number two is the only acceptable option.

The April 3rd Federal Register states: "Plutonium pits are critical components of every nuclear weapon, with nearly all current stockpile pits having been produced from 1978-1989. Today, the United States' capability to produce plutonium pits is limited." Good. This condition is in accord with the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. It is a logical, humane end of the 20th Century's nuclear arms race.

BREDL sends letters to NC & VA Governors regarding PHMSA "unacceptable" reduction of training and enforcement

Mar. 28, 2020: What this indicates is that the principal oversight agency responsible for safe operation of pipelines counters the loss of work hours by reducing training and enforcement. This is a flagrant disregard of public safety sanctioned by a callous exploitation of the genuine public health threat presented by COVID-19. It is unacceptable; it demonstrates additional reasons to oppose pipelines through our communities.

BREDL requests state and federal agencies to suspend all public hearings for the foreseeable future

Mar. 13, 2020: BREDL has sent letters to regional Governors and the President requesting a suspension of all upcoming public hearings for the foreseeable future and to extend or suspend public commenting periods until it's deemed safe to hold public hearings.

You may read our letters below:
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam
President Donald Trump

BREDL additional comments on Chickahominy Power Groundwater Withdrawal Special Exception

Feb. 14, 2020: We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the VADEQ to protect the aquifers in the EVGWMA from over-use and the loss of their fresh water storage capacity caused by sinking land. We must, therefore, question the reasoning now being used to issue a permit special exception which would allow Chickahominy Power to withdraw up to 30,000,000 gallons of water from these fragile aquifers wiping out much of the progress made in past years.

BREDL requests VA DEQ & SWCB deny special exception as requested by Chickahominy Power

Feb. 13, 2020: BREDL requests that you deny the special exception to the Groundwater Management Act requested by Chickahominy Power, LLC. The exception, if granted, would be contrary to the letter and purpose of the state's Ground Water Management Act of 1992. Further, the Chickahominy Power plant itself serves no practical purpose because, like other natural gas fired electric plants, it uses as much energy as it produces.

BREDL requests NC Attorney General file brief in support of farmers and families regarding ACP case

Feb. 05, 2020: BREDL has requested NC Attorney General Josh Stein intervene on the side of Petitioners as friend-of-the-court in the Cowpasture River Preservation Association et al. vs Forest Service case before the U.S. Supreme Court. We ask Attorney General Stein to act to protect North Carolina communities in the same way Attorney General Mark Herring has done to protect Virginia communities.

The League comments on EPA rulemaking to list PFAS chemicals on TRI

Feb. 03, 2020: The question is not should EPA add the family of PFAS chemicals and their short-chain replacements such as GenX to the Right-to-Know TRI reports. That's a definite YES! The question is why has EPA taken so long to address these chemicals? Unfortunately, a lot of contamination to our drinking water sources and impacts to the public's health have already occurred.

BREDL joins groups commenting on advanced nuclear reactor generic EIS

Jan. 24, 2020: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is deciding whether to develop a generic environmental impact statement for the construction and operation of a broad, diverse, and undefined category of advanced nuclear reactors.


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