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The Clabough Foundation - Committed to the Natural and Cultural Resources of the North Carolina High Country and Oregon's Deschutes River Watershed


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Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory

Center for Health, Environment and Justice - The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) was founded in 1981, as the Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (CCHW), by Lois Gibbs community leader at Love Canal.  CHEJ believes in environmental justice, the principle that people have the right to a clean and healthy environment regardless of their race or economic standing. 

Earth Island Institute - Earth Island Institute fosters the efforts of creative individuals by providing organizational support in developing projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment.

EcoWatch - EcoWatch, in partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance, works to unite the voice of the grassroots environmental movement and mobilize millions of people to engage in democracy to protect human health and the environment.

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment - GRACE works to form new links with the research, policy and grassroots communities to preserve the future of the planet and protect the quality of the environment.

National Council for Science and the Environment

NC WARN - North Carolina Waste Awareness and Reduction Network is a member-based nonprofit helping to protect communities and the general public from the increasing health damage associated with toxic and radioactive pollution.

Protect All Children's Environment - Established in 1987 for people poisoned by the now-banned pesticide, Chlordane, PACE exists to give comfort and support. Through PACE, pesticide victims provide support to fellow survivors on an all-volunteer, not-for-profit basis.

TERC - Statistics for Action: TERC is partnering with environmental action groups in twelve states to advance the quantitative literacy skills needed to understand and solve pressing environmental problems.

Web of Creation - A site designed for people and communities to explore eco-justice issues and advocacy from a faith-based perspective.

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy - Formed in 1967 to preserve the natural beauty of the West Virginia Highlands, the Conservancy is the state's oldest environmental advocacy organization. The WVHC has been instrumental in creation of the Monongahela National Forest Wilderness areas and in preventing the destruction of Canaan Valley.  


Daily Air Quality readings and forecasts:

North Carolina


South Carolina

U.S. cities

The Bucket Brigade is a community based air monitoring project. - Bucket Brigade

Greater Roanoke Valley Asthma and Air Quality Coalition - mission is to improve air quality and respiratory health for the greater Roanoke Valley (Virginia)


Watch the brand-new short film, Zero Waste for Zero Warming:  Click here to watch this fast-paced, two-minute animated film calling on us to take action to stop the waste and warming cycle that is trashing our climate and communities.


Dogwood Alliance - provides additional info regarding chip mills

Appalachian Voices - forest protection and restoration, chip mills, clean air, and mountain top removal information

Heartwood - action alerts for forests across the central, southern, and eastern United States

Virginians For Wilderness - provides a fact sheet on clearcuts, plus extensive flora and fauna data for sections of the GW-JNF

Virginia Wilderness Committee - A citizens' group working since 1969 to protect suitable public lands as Wilderness Areas in the National Wilderness Preservation System.


GrassRoots Recycling Network - The GrassRoots Recycling Network is a North American network of community-based activists dedicated to achieving a sustainable economy based on the principle of Zero Waste. Central messages are:  Zero Waste; Create Jobs from Discards; and End Subsidies for Wasting.

The Network of Waste Activists Stopping Trash Exports is an informal, Michigan-based, grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about the huge problems associated with transborder (both state and national) shipment and disposal of solid wastes.


Health Care Without Harm


Factory Farm - This site contains an organized collection of links to facts, news, and ideas about the problem of factory farming.


Alliance for Nuclear Accountability - A grassroots network of 34 organizations working in the shadows of the nuclear weapons complex on health, cleanup and weapons issues.

Center for Safe Energy - Promoting strategies for energy efficiency in the United States and former Soviet Union.

Duke Energy Employee Advocate

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Nuclear Hotseat - Nuclear News, Expert Interviews & Activist Opportunities

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

NC WARN - North Carolina Waste Awareness and Reduction Network is a member-based nonprofit helping to protect communities and the general public from the increasing health damage associated with toxic and radioactive pollution.


Frack-Free NC - “Frack-Free NC” is a network of grassroots organizations who believe that shale gas development using “fracking” and horizontal drilling cannot be done without bringing harm to our waters, land, air, communities and public health. We are working to keep North Carolina frack free.


Neuse River website - This includes some pictures of Hurricane Floyd's effects.


National Hazardous Materials Route Registry - generate reports which lists Transportation of Hazardous Materials; Designated, Preferred, and Restricted Routes for states

Federal Highway Administration


Clean Air Act

TEA-21 - The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century was enacted June 9, 1998 as Public Law 105-178. TEA-21 authorizes the Federal surface transportation programs for highways, highway safety, and transit for the 6-year period 1998-2003.


Greenworld - a non-governmental charity environmental organization working in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region of Russia

Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site - nuclear safety and non-proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear weapons, spent nuclear fuel, utilization of plutonium and radioactive wastes, news, publications, comments, reviews of press, cartoons.

Nuclear Zone Zona Nucleare - Nuclear Zone provides analogies and facts regarding the choice of a nuclear waste deposit in Italy and dealing in particular with the Government decision of November 13th 2003 choosing the town of Scanzano Ionico in Basilicata as the only possible site.

U.S. GOVERNMENT - Proposed regulations for each federal agency can be found here.

Federal Register - The federal register is published daily Monday - Friday. This link will be for the current issue.

U.S. Department of Energy

Department of Energy

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Forest Service National Headquarters - has links to U.S. forests, forest service handbook, NEPA, and NFMA

North Carolina National Forests - link to Croatan, Nantahala, Pisgah, and Uwharrie National Forests

Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests

George Washington-Jefferson National Forests

Cherokee National Forest

Southern Forest Resource Assessment

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency National Headquarters

EPA Region 4 - North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

EPA Region 3 - Virginia

Toxics Release Inventory

Environmental Violations - to report violations to the EPA


Federal Highway Administration

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North Carolina Agencies

NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources

NC DENR Environmental Enforcement page

North Carolina Division of Air Quality Public Calendar

South Carolina Agencies

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Public Notices

Virginia Agencies

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Public Notices

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Public Calendar

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall (regs, meetings and public calendar)

Tennessee Agencies

Department of Environment and Conservation

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Public Participation Opportunities

Georgia Agencies

Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Protection Division (includes link to events calendar)


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