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Department of Energy issues Record of Decision for Surplus Plutonium Disposition at Savannah River Site

Jan 4, 2000 - The Department of Energy has announced its decision to dispose of up to 50 metric tons of surplus plutonium from the United States in a hybrid approach and to construct and operate three new facilities at its Savannah River Site (SRS).

The hybrid approach allows for the immobilization of approximately 17 metric tons of surplus plutonium and the use of up to 33 metric tons as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. The new plutonium disposition facilities will provide pit disassembly, plutonium conversion, immobilization, and MOX fuel fabrication services.

The MOX fuel fabrication facility will produce MOX fuel for irradiation in existing domestic commercial reactors. These reactors are the Catawba Nuclear Station near York, S.C.; the McGuire Station near Huntersville, N.C.; and the North Anna Power Station near Mineral, Va..

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Department of Energy
U.S. Dept of Energy Office of Fissile Materials Disposition

Copies of the Surplus Plutonium Disposition Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision may be obtained by placing a call to an answering machine or facsimile machine at a toll free number (1-800-820-5156) , order online at , download it at , or by mailing a request to:

Bert Stevenson
NEPA Compliance Officer
Office of Fissile Materials Disposition
U.S. Department of Energy
Post Office Box 23786
Washington, DC 20026-3786