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The League comments on NC Draft Rule for Revision
of the Arsenic Acceptable Ambient Level

June 13, 2013: Upon review of Division of Air Quality files, it is clear that public health was not the driving force behind the changes.

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BREDL In the NEWS: Fracking North Carolina:
What Do We Do With The Waste?

April 23, 2013: BREDL's Therese Vick was recently interviewed for a WUNC 91.5 NC Public Radio story.

“You can model anything the way you want to,” she says. “And who’s watching? Who’s monitoring it? Is the testing gonna ever be adequate? Are they ever going to be required to test for every substance?”

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League joins in the call for a comprehensive health assessment prior to fracking

April 17, 2013: Raleigh- Today, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) joined over 90 medical professionals and 25 organizations calling on the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory to require that a health assessment be conducted before any fracking is allowed in North Carolina. A letter requesting the health assessment will be sent to Legislators and the Governor. At the press conference, health care providers spoke of the necessity of the health assessment and others held signs saying, “First Do No Harm,” and “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”.

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Examination of the Human Health Issues of Sewage Sludge and
Municipal Solid Waste Incineration in North Carolina

Oct. 2011: This is a BREDL report by Duke University Stanback Intern Kathie Sun.
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Report Map: It's best to use the arcreader and zip file mentioned below, but if you are having trouble with that here's a screenshot of the map.
Kathie's map of sewage sludge application sites and their proximity to schools, hospitals and nursing homes can be viewed with the free ArcReader available for download at:
Download Map and Data zip file (Save zip file to your computer. Unzip files in a folder on your computer. Then open Map_full.pmf file.)
Need software to unzip a file? Try winzip (free or paid version) or 7Zip (free)
Questions? Please email Therese Vick

More info: BREDL statement on sewage sludge

BREDL Presentation:
PERC: “Still toxic after all these years”

BREDL Presentation

Contaminated Dry Cleaning Sites in NC

Powerpoint Presentation | PDF format