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Logging Photo Gallery

This page contains the thumbnail pictures of several national forest areas that have been logged or threatened by logging. The full pictures are available on separate pages. All photos are courtesy of Sherman Bamford.

James River & Wilson MountainSprouts Run
(L) Segment of James River proposed for Wild and
Scenic River Act protection and Wilson Mountain,
a 5000 acre Virginia Mountain Treasure area.
(R) Sprouts Run in the Wilson Mountain area.
GW-JNF, Virginia.
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Wilson Mountain loggingWilson Mountain logging
Logging in Wilson Moutain,
a threatened Virginia Mountain
Treasure area.
GW-JNF, Virginia.
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Hematite old growth cutHematite old growth cut
(L) The U.S. Forest Service cut trees hundred of
years old in
one of the largest occurrences of
old growth in the Central Appalachians.

(R) Old growth cut
Hematite area, James River R.D., GW-JNF, Virginia.
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Logging TrailLogging Trail
(L) U.S. Forest Service "Logging Trail"
outside Thunder Ridge Wilderness
(R) Erosion from "Logging Trail"
GW-JNF, Virginia.
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Chestnut Mountain even-aged logging Bad Taste: U.S.F.S. marks tree with dollar sign
(L) Even-aged logging on Chestnut Mountain,
home of the rare Peaks of Otter salamander.
(R) Bad Taste: The U.S. Forest Service marks
trees for every timber sale it cuts. This tree
near the Pine Ridge Trailhead was painted
with a dollar sign.

Glenwood R.D., GW-JNF, Virginia.
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