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BREDL Comments to NC Utilities Commission

Feb. 4, 2019: BREDL calls upon the NC Utilities Commission to reject the Integrated Resource Plan submitted by Dominion Energy North Carolina and require a cleaner, smarter plan. And we support similar calls directed towards Duke Energy’s plan.

BREDL Comments

Augusta GA Commissioners approve goal to achieve 100% Clean Energy - BREDL and our Concern Citizens of Shell Bluff chapter
part of stakeholders group

Sept 4, 2018: The Augusta, Georgia Commission passed a resolution to endorse the goal to transition from fossil fuel-based economy to a 100% clean renewable energy by 2050. Further, the Commission adopted the goal to achieve 80% clean renewable energy by 2030. BREDL and our chapter Concern Citizens of Shell Bluff were a part of the stakeholders group.

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The League files motion to intervene in
Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline

On December 24th the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed a motion to intervene in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s proceeding for the proposed Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline. The project would cut a 460 mile swath across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and install five huge gas-burning, internal combustion compressor stations totaling over 200,000 horsepower. Explaining the League’s opposition to the project, Executive Director, Lou Zeller, said, “Natural gas compressors emit huge amounts of air pollution including ozone-forming nitrogen oxides, toxic formaldehyde and global warming greenhouse gas. The Sabal Trail project would not serve the residents of Alabama, Georgia and Florida nor would it benefit the economy of the Southeast.” The League has members and active chapters in Alabama and Georgia and a chapter situated right on the pipeline route through Valdosta, Georgia: Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy.

BREDL Motion

Group Says Rural Utilities Service Must Hold Public Hearing
Opposes Wadley Biomass Plant

Feb. 18, 2014: Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League announced that, based on federal law, a public hearing must be held before the Rural Utilities Service moves in support of a proposed biomass power plant in Wadley. In comments submitted to Rural Utilities Service, the League detailed the hearing requirement and other problems presented by the proposed action.

BREDL Press Release

The League's letter to USDA Rural Utilities Service regarding
North Star Jefferson Biomass Generation Station Project

Burning wood and scrap tires to produce power in the 21st Century is such a bad idea that it beggars description; tires are not biomass. The residents of Jefferson County and Georgia do not deserve an additional, unnecessary source of toxic air pollution imposed upon their community.

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Listen to a Fairewinds Energy Education podcast, featuring BREDL's Lou Zeller. Listen in as Lou, Arnie and Nat from Fairewinds discuss problems at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which operates nuclear power plants in the southeast, including the potentially dangerous Ice Condenser Containments at Sequoya and Watts Bar. The podcast participants also discuss how a very well compensated nuclear executive was replaced after “driving three nuclear reactors into the ditch” only to resurface and be reshuffled as the Obama Administration considers privatizing TVA. Finally, Lou and Arnie note that TVA leads the nation in nuclear whistleblower complaints, yet is moving forward reconstructing two more nuclear power plants.

People For Clean Mountains Urges Moratorium
on Biomass Facility

People For Clean Mountains (PCM) has called on Transylvania County Commissioners to enact a moratorium for 18 months on any further development of the proposed Penrose biomass facility.
“There is an emerging body of evidence that a facility like the one proposed can pose significant public health risks while also hurting the county’s economic recovery and development,” says Danna Smith, a PCM volunteer.

PCM Press Release | DRAFT Moratorium
The Asheville Citizen-Times April 30, 2013 story: Group seeks halt to biomass plant

BREDL Fact Sheet: Penrose Biomass Technology
Brevard, NC

An application has been submitted to the North Carolina Utilities Commission by RD-Penrose 1, a subsidiary of RENEWable Developers, LLC for a certificate of convenience and public necessity for an electric generating plant near Brevard, NC. If approved, the plant would use up to 100 tons per day of household trash and wood waste to generate up to 4 megawatts of electricity.

BREDL Fact Sheet

Rally Notice: Duke Shareholder Meeting on May 2
Rally, Press Conference, and Ratepayers’ Stakeholder Meeting

Duke Shareholder Meeting on May 2
Rally, Press Conference, and Ratepayers’ Stakeholder Meeting
526 S. Church Street Charlotte, NC 28202
(old Duke Energy headquarters)

Duke Energy: Ratepayers Oppose Serial Rate Hikes
Ratepayers from across Duke Energy’s service area will convene at the company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on Thursday, May 2nd to add their voices to the discussion and to hold a community teach-in outside.

More Details: Rally Flyer

BREDL Fact Sheet - North Star Jefferson biomass and tire burner
proposed for Wadley, Georgia

Used tires are a dirty fuel. Up to 20% of the power from the proposed facility in Jefferson County would be provided by scrap tires. Even with pollution control devices in place, burning tires create toxic air pollution.  

BREDL Fact Sheet

BREDL Chapter Leaders testify at
NC Utilities Commission Hearing

February 28, 2013: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League chapter leaders Julius Kerr and Laura Sorensen testified at the North Carolina Utilities Commission hearing in Charlotte. They joined the chorus of opposition to wasteful, costly pollution generators and money sinkholes proposed by the electric utility companies. For example, the League revealed that to date Duke Energy has reported over $300 million in spending on its proposed Lee Nuclear Station in South Carolina with no license approved or construction started.

BREDL Press Release | NCUC WSLee Expenditures Report
Julius Kerr Testimony | Laura Sorensen Testimony

North Carolina Integrated Resource Planning

Feb. 11, 2013: The general statutes of North Carolina which require the analysis of the long-range need for electricity and least-cost considerations (NCGS 62-110 and 62-2) compel the Commission to require a full cost accounting of all electric generation sources. However, Duke Energy, Progress Energy and Dominion Energy are pursuing most-cost energy policies which are both expensive and reckless.

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