Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
BE SAFE NC Campaign

Dear Friends,

Recently, CHEJ's PVC Campaign achieved the unthinkable - an organized consumer initiative convinced some of the world's largest corporations such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson, to phase out their use of PVC, the poison plastic, in packaging.  We can leverage these enormous victories with the help of thousands of people like yourself standing by our side.

Join this winning campaign by participating in the PVC Action Network.  You will receive monthly action alerts and updates (no more than two a month) when it matters most and can participate in online consumer campaigns with one easy step.  Log on here to join the PVC Action Network today and be part of a growing community of informed and concerned consumers demanding safer toxic-free products.  After you sign up, help us spread the word by forwarding this message to your friends and family.

You can put safety first by purchasing products without dangerous, unnecessary chemicals.  Remember the saying 'bad news comes in threes', and avoid buying PVC products which are marked with a "3" or "v" in the recycling symbol.

I hope you will join us and help leave our children a healthier, more sustainable world by signing up today.  Thank you.


Lois Gibbs, Executive Director
Center for Health, Environment and Justice

PS - To learn more about our winning campaign, log on to