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BREDL's Lou Zeller visits with George Murray of the
NC Division of Air Quality.

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Groups Call for Environmental Secretary to Reopen
Glendale Springs Asphalt Plant Air Permit

May 25, 2017: Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and chapter Protect Our Fresh Air appealed to the state to reopen the asphalt plant air pollution permit issued last year to Appalachian Materials. A six-page letter pointed to the state’s failure to account for the permit’s impact on Camp New Hope, a refuge for children with life-threatening medical conditions just a few hundred yards from the site of the proposed asphalt plant.

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Report on Air and Noise Pollution Reveals Fatal Flaws in Permit for Proposed Buckingham Compressor Station

Dec. 14, 2016: The report, subtitled “Unfair, Illegal and Unjust,” concludes that the Buckingham County Planning Commission failed with respect to its legal obligation to ensure that the facility does not have a disproportionate impact on Buckingham’s African American community.

BREDL Press Release | BREDL Pollution Report

BREDL Calls for EPA to Respond to Petitions

Oct. 24, 2016: In our experience, the petitioning of the US Environmental Protection Agency under Title V of the Clean Air Act is an unsatisfactory procedural exercise with an unacceptable outcome. EPA response has been slow to non-existent. The deadlines required of the public to file petitions are cast in concrete, but the statutory deadlines applying to the agency are written in sand. The EPA should view petitioners as allies, not as adversaries. Our comments include highlights from three petitions in which state agencies failed to adhere to federal law.

BREDL Letter to EPA

BREDL files Clean Air Act citizens suit on air toxics

On February 24, 2016, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and three other environmental organizations filed a lawsuit in US District Court to compel the US Environmental Protection Agency to update long-overdue standards for thirteen types of industries which emit hazardous air pollution. The goal of the lawsuit is to force EPA to fulfill its mandate to review and determine the risk to public health and set more stringent standards. Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League’s legal representative in this case is Nicholas Morales, Associate Attorney for Earthjustice in Washington, DC. The other plaintiffs bringing the lawsuit are Clean Wisconsin, Midwest Environmental Defense Center and the Sierra Club.

BREDL Press Release | BREDL Legal Complaint

BREDL and Concerned Citizens of Richmond County hold Press Conference regarding Duke Energy's Turbines located in Hamlet, NC

On October 8, 2015 Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and Concerned Citizens of Richmond County stood in front of the HQ of NCDENR in Raleigh, NC to announce that they have renewed their citizen's lawsuit against EPA and the state's permit for failure to properly regulate Duke Energy's Turbines in Hamlet, NC. The citizens of Richmond county are already being harmed with excessive amounts of air pollution from Duke's power plant.

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BREDL Report on the Pollution Impacts from Appalachian Materials, LLC Proposed Asphalt Plant in Glendale Springs

Oct. 1, 2015: The report concludes that the North Carolina Division of Air Quality's draft permit would not meet state standards for toxic air pollution and recommends that Ashe County take steps to ensure that its Polluting Industries Ordinance be strengthened in order to protect the health and safety of its people.

BREDL Press Release | BREDL Report

Appalachian Materials, LLC Proposed Asphalt Plant on Glendale School Road in Glendale Springs, NC.

Public Comment Period: September 4 through October 6.
Public Hearing on October 6, 2015 at the Ashe County Courthouse in Jefferson, NC.

BREDL August 25, 2015 letter to NC DENR requesting public hearing for Appalachian Materials LLC, Glendale Asphalt Plant.

BREDL Fact Sheet - Includes Details on Public Comment Period and Public Hearing

Maymead, Inc. Proposed Asphalt Plant on
J.W. Hampton 421 site in Watauga County, NC.

BREDL and High Country Wataugans Against Toxins Close to Home July 7, 2015 letter to Watauga County Board of Commissioners regarding Amendments to the High Impact Land Use Ordinance.

BREDL Letter regarding special use permit for
asphalt plant in Lithonia, Georgia

June 30, 2015: Today BREDL and its local chapter CHASE recommended that officials in Dekalb County Georgia order a Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) study to assess impacts of a proposed asphalt plant in Lithonia.  DRIs are done for projects likely to have regional effects beyond local government jurisdiction. Pollution from an asphalt plant would have a negative impact on the Atlanta area, which is already designated as being in non-attainment for national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for PM-2.5 and ozone.

BREDL Letter

The League comments on the proposed Clean Power Plan proposed rule under consideration by the US EPA

Dec. 1, 2014: The EPA Clean Power Plan's reliance on nuclear power, biomass and natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is misplaced. Therefore, we recommend that the EPA abandon its assumptions regarding these three methods of generating electricity. Without this baggage, the Clean Power Plan's carbon reduction goals are still achievable, at less cost and without damage to the environment and public health.

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Watauga Citizens Call for Expanded Protection from Pollution

Nov. 13, 2014: Today the Watauga Citizens for Local Control requested that the Watauga County Board of Commissioners adopt a buffer zone of 1,500 feet between polluting industries and residential dwellings, commercial buildings and churches. The group said that augmented buffer zones, or setbacks, would better protect people from smoke, noise and health risks caused by asphalt plants, electric power facilities, fuel storage tanks and other industrial facilities. The county already requires such setbacks from daycare centers, schools and nursing homes.

BREDL Press Release | Letter to Watauga Co. Board of Commissioners

In the News article: Citizens Group Officially Asks for Property Protection

BREDL and Pee Dee WALL Petition EPA Regarding Piedmont Natural Gas Wadesboro Compressor Station Title V Permit

Oct. 2014: The Piedmont Natural Gas—Wadesboro Compressor Station is one of many similar units strung like beads on natural gas pipelines.  They emit huge amounts of toxic air pollution, and this one is no exception.  The permit recently issued by the North Carolina Division of Air Quality suffers from fatal flaws which result in excessive amounts of air pollution and place a disproportionate burden on low income and minority populations in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

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