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The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Board of Directors has established a fund to honor the work of Janet Marsh Zeller, who founded the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and served as its executive director for 28 years. The honorary fund supports the ongoing mission of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. Individual gifts accepted throughout the year. All donations to BREDL are tax-deductible.

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No Trespassing, No Surveying Sign

Pipeline: No Trespassing No Surveying Sign to post on your property. For use in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina

No Trespassing Sign

Safeguard America's Resources

Fact Sheets:


Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Fracking Waste

Fracking Lease Risks

Social Impacts of Gas Fracking

Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminals+Pipelines+Fracking Equals MORE FRACKING PIPELINES!

Natural Gas Compressor Stations
Air Pollution, Explosions and Fires

Opportunities for Action Environmental Permits

What's All The Fuss About Fracking? - an update

Chemical Disclosure Resolution Template to Protect Local Right-to-Know

BREDL has drafted a resolution template calling for full disclosure of chemicals to be used, stored, and transported at fracking sites, and we hope that groups across the state will adopt this resolution so that it can be presented to local governments in with support from their respective communities. The resolution is designed to be passed among organizations and local governments who can write in their own names and official status. We are asking that local groups adopt and share the resolution widely as an organizing tool in your communities.

Resolution Template
Resolution signed by BREDL Board

Coal Ash Disposition
The Alternative for North Carolina

BREDL's technical report which details the dangers of landfilling coal ash and recommends the proven saltstone technology for the coal ash at Duke Energy's fourteen power plants. The report entitled "Coal Ash Disposition: The Alternative for North Carolina," describes the saltstone technology which would encase the coal ash waste and isolate the toxins from the soil, air and water.

View BREDL Technical Report

No Trespassing Sign

Hydrofracking: No Trespassing No Seismic Testing Sign to post on your property

No Trespassing Sign

What's All The Fuss About Fracking?

This BREDL report highlights the main issues with hydrofracking. Updated December 2013

Download the Report

BREDL Chapters

BREDL welcomes these new chapters:

Chapel Hill Organization for Clean Energy (Chapel Hill, NC) - April 2019

Sustainable Madison (Madison Co., NC) - February 2019

Rabun Gap Chapter (Rabun Co., GA) - January 2019

No Snow Camp Mine (Alamance Co., NC) - January 2019

Nuclear - Savannah River Site

Draft Supplement Analysis of the Complex Transformation Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

Aug. 12, 2019: We hereby request that The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration do a new EIS as required under existing statutes and case law. NNSA’s pit production mission was emphasized as a national security imperative by the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review. For many reasons, the argument for this mission can be shown to be specious and ill-advised. On the other hand, if it were shown to be valid, it is a major action for which an Environmental Impact Statement would be required. International treaty obligations and U.S. law prohibit further development of atomic weapons. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty compels the United States to end nuclear weapons development.

BREDL Comments

Savannah River Site

BREDL comments on scoping notice for
Plutonium Pit Production at SRS

July 25, 2019: Before proceeding with its environmental impact review, the US Department of Energy must do what should have been done decades ago; i.e., determine the public health impact of radioactive and toxic air pollutants from Savannah River Site in the Central Savannah River Area. There is an overarching reason for action: the specter of environmental injustice overshadows SRS.

BREDL Comments

Safeguard America's Resources

Judge Halts Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s Land-Grab Attempt
Stay on Eminent Domain Requested by Impacted Landowners Granted

Raleigh- In a July 24th ruling, US District Judge Terrence Boyle extended a stay on Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s (ACP) request to use “quick-take” proceedings in order to gain access to properties along the route of the pipeline. “Quick take” allows the company to gain access to land even though adjudication of compensation has not occurred.

BREDL Press Release | Court Order

Coal Ash

Northampton County Citizens Against Coal Ash interviews

An interview with members of the Executive Team of North Carolina's Northampton County Citizens Against Coal Ash talk about their fight to prevent Vista Green from putting an enormous coal ash dump in their county. Interviews and Video from Ken and Deborah Ferruccio, Environmental Educators and Activists

Safeguard America's Resources

The League comments to FERC regarding Return on Equity

June 26, 2019: FERC’s mission is to assist consumers to obtain economical, safe, reliable, and secure energy services at a reasonable cost. But artificially high incentives in pipeline development are causing excessive pipeline construction and needless community devastation.

BREDL Full Comments

Clean Air - Asphalt Plants

BREDL chapter Sustainable Madison airs radio ads

BREDL chapter Sustainable Madison has aired 2 radio spots expressing the group's concerns regarding a proposed asphalt plant in Madison County.

Listen to the Ads: Spot 1 | Spot 2

Clean Water

BREDL submits comments to EPA regarding
Draft PFAS recommendations

Jun 10, 2019: The EPA interim recommendations for addressing groundwater contaminated with PFOA and PFOS needs to be expanded to include all PFAS as a class. Any talk of cleanup needs to examine previous industrial sites that probably emitted/discharged PFAS chemicals. All areas of PFAS contamination – soil, surface and ground water, air and food – need to be properly addressed. In addition to the class of PFAS, short-chain replacement chemicals that convey similar health impacts – such as GenX – also need to be included.

The federal government is hell-bent on fast tracking projects that harm the environment. For a change, how about fast tracking a plan that will clean up the entire class of PFAS contaminants and their short-chain replacements?

BREDL Full Comments

Safeguard America's Resources

BREDL comments to FERC on the Draft National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the Coles-Terry Rural Historic District impacted by Mountain Valley Pipeline

May 31, 2019: BREDL comments that there is a failure to designate all applicable national register criteria. The Draft National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the Coles-Terry Rural Historic District (“Nomination”) designates that the CTRHD is qualified for National Register listing under Criterion A as a property “associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history”. On page 14, the Nomination designates “agriculture” as the area of significance in which the District is eligible under Criterion A. There are no other National Register criteria listed besides Criterion A, and no other areas of significance listed besides “Agriculture”. The Nomination's treatment of the National Register criteria applicable to the CTRHD should also include Criteria C and D.

BREDL also points out problems with the Nomination's definition of district boundaries. The first problem with the Nomination's treatment of boundaries for the CTRHD stems from the unsubstantiated decision to expand the eastern boundary of the district to include a significant number of suburban homes built within the last 50 years. The district's boundaries as they appear in the Preliminary Information Form are the product of weeks of painstaking on-the-ground surveys performed in an effort to exclude non- contributing suburban homes that have been built in many parts of the Bent Mountain community over the past 50 years.

BREDL Full Comments

Nuclear - Plant Vogtle

BREDL and our chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff comment on Plant Vogtle NPDES Permit

May 30, 2019: We maintain that the EPD’s inclusion of mitigation in a water withdrawal permit was the wrong measure in the wrong place. It was unfair and contrary to the law for NPDES measures— accounting for chemical and thermal discharges to waters of the United States—to be allowed through the back door of a water withdrawal permit.

BREDL Comments

Summer 2019

The League Line: Summer 2019 issue is now available online.

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BREDL Fact Sheets

Most Recent:

Updated Aug 2016 BREDL Fact Sheet - Proposed Buckingham Compressor Station, Buckingham County, VA

May 2016: BREDL Unequal Protection Fact Sheet The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s Discriminatory Laws & Regulations

April 2016 BREDL Fact Sheet - Small Modular Reactors

Sept. 2015 BREDL Fact Sheet - Appalachian Materials, LLC Proposed Asphalt Plant in Glendale Springs, NC.

March 2014: BREDL Fact Sheet: "Don't Dump Coal Ash on our Communities"

More Fact Sheets:

A chronological list of Fact Sheets can be found on our
BREDL Fact Sheets page.

BREDL Partners
with TERC

TERC is partnering with environmental action groups in twelve states to advance the quantitative literacy skills needed to understand and solve pressing environmental problems.

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The League Line

BREDL's Summer 2019 newsletter available online

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2019
Summer 2019
- Cover: U.S. Supreme Court Rules to Uphold Virginia's Moratorium on Uranium Mining by Ann Rogers
- We tried to warn you, landfills leak by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: Mobilizing versus Organizing by Louis Zeller
- The Value Exceeds Our Imagination by Charles Utley and Sharon Ponton
- BREDL Summer Interns
- MVP-Southgate Project to bring third natural gas compressor station and more toxins to Chatham, VA by Mark Barker

BREDL and Concerned Citizens of Richmond County Press Conference - On October 8, 2015 Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and Concerned Citizens of Richmond County stood in front of the HQ of NCDENR in Raleigh, NC to announce that they have renewed their citizen's lawsuit against EPA and the state's permit for failure to properly regulate Duke Energy's Turbines in Hamlet, NC. The citizens of Richmond county are already being harmed with excessive amounts of air pollution from Duke's power plant.

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